Three new PhDs awarded to young researchers trained within GLYCOPHARM

GLYCOPHARM has published a Very Important Paper

The group at CSIC-CIB has developed a new NMR-based method that strategically employs paramagnetic lanthanide metals to effectively discriminate the conformational properties and interactions with other molecules of different regions of the same molecule, which would be otherwise indistinguishable due to symmetry or duplication reasons.

This work, performed in collaboration with other groups within and outside GLYCOPHARM, has been highlighted by Angewandte Chemie International Edition as Very Important Paper.



Breaking pseudo-symmetry in multiantennary complex N-glycans using lanthanide-binding tags and NMR pseudo-contact shifts

Canales A., Mallagaray A., Pérez-Castells J., Boos I., Unverzagt C., André S., Gabius H.-J., Cañada F.J. and Jiménez-Barbero J.

Journal Article: 2013 Dec 16. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 52(51):13789-13793


ABSTRACT: Controlling NMR shifts by lanthanides tagged to a "symmetrical" N-glycan reveals individual resonances for the residues of the otherwise identical A and B arms. This method provides a global perspective of conformational features and interactions in solution.


Nonasaccharide derivatives studied in this work. The 1–3 and 1–6 arms attached to the β-mannose unit are labelled
as A and B arms, respectively.