Three new PhDs awarded to young researchers trained within GLYCOPHARM



To be eligible, each applicant must simultaneously fulfil the following criteria at the time of recruitment:

  • Nationality: The applicant may be of any nationality.


  • Mobility: At the time of recruitment, the applicant must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc…) in the country of the host organization for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to his/her recruitment. Compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.


  • Qualifications and research experience: The applicant must fulfil the requirements associated with one of the following categories:

1. Early Stage Researchers (ESRs): means a researcher who, at the time of recruitment, has not yet been awarded the doctorate degree and is in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of his/her research career.

2. Experienced Researchers (ER): means a researcher who, at the time of recruitment:

• is in possession of a doctoral degree, independently of the time taken to acquire it, or has at least four years of full-time    equivalent research experience

• has less than five years of full-time equivalent research experience.


  • Recruitment criteria: The candidates will be recruit following open, transparent, impartial and equitable recruitment procedures, on the basis of:

1. their scientific skills and the relevance of their research experience with the corresponding research area

2. their ability to undertake the initial training activities

3. the expected impact of the received training on the researchers’ career;

4. their conformity with the required criteria for eligibility of the candidates.


  • Equal opportunities: It will endeavour to ensure a fair female representation by promoting genuine equal access opportunities between men and women throughout the recruitment process. To that end, female candidates are encouraged to apply.


  • Gross annual salary:

1. for ESR: 38,000 €

2. for ERs: 58,500 €


  • Monthly mobility allowance: Allowance to cover expenses linked to the personal household, relocation and travel expenses of the researcher and her/his family in the host country:

1. for researchers without a family: 700€

2. for researchers with a family: 1,000€


Rate for individual countries is obtained by applying the correction coefficients listed in Table below:

Coefficient %
Gross annual salary
Monthly mobility
a family
a family
Czech Republic
31,996.0 €
49,257.0 €
589.4 €
842.0 €
36,024.0 €
55,458.0 €
663.6 €
948.0 €
41,458.0 €
63,823.5 €
763.7 €
1,091.0 €
40,508.0 €
62,361.0 €
746.2 €
1,066.0 €
37,126.0 €
57,154.5 €
683.9 €
977.0 €
45,068.0 €
69,381.0 €
830.2 €
1,186.0 €

The amounts showed in the table above represent the funding  provided by the EU in order to pay all  costs associated with the researchers recruitment. These amounts do not correspond the final gross salary that will receive the recruited researchers. 

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