Three new PhDs awarded to young researchers trained within GLYCOPHARM

A member of GLYCOPHARM offered an interview in the radio

Prof. Karel Smetana,  a GLYCOPHARM senior researcher from the Univerzita Karlova V Praze (CUNI), offered an interesting interview in Czech radio on 04 July 2014.
Smetana, as head of the research team, explained that Scientists from Prague’s Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences have patented a new method of biological treatment of neck and head cancer. The method, which is much less devastating for patients than those currently in use, is based on supressing the activity of genes that convey information between cancer cells and connective tissue cells in areas affected by tumours. If clinical tests confirm the method’s effectiveness, it could be introduced in some 10 or 15 years’ time, the scientist said.
Congratulations to Prof. Smetana for doing a so interesting interview!


Professor Karel Smetana’s team is now looking for a partner to finance
further research to allow the treatment to reach patients